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This is a gallery of artwork, humor, inspired by my favorite novels, anime, computer/video games and TV shows. To avoid potential copyright problems, almost all of the artwork displayed here are with permission by their creators (usually me) .  All identified copyrighted and trademarked characters depicted and logos belong to their respective owners. On the rare occasion outside content is used, it was necessary for use as reference and/or comparison, or in a parody.  This might change should I be inspired to install a celebrity shrine here someday. More likely if I do it, I will just make a celebrity shrine on a different web site altogether.

In the case of the illustrations based on novels, note that the images are not descriptively titled except by author name. The intent was that the illustrations inspired by specific events should identify the scene by the visuals themselves if successful.



Tools used in the creation of the artwork on this site.

  Paint shop Pro  
  Painter Classic  
  Wacom Graphire tablet  



Monday, December 17, 2001


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