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Yehat - work in progress
(last updated 10/07/2001 11:39:18 PM )

  Latest versions

Yehat_Terminator_no_maps.jpg (14415 bytes) ZZ_yehat_ship-object-untextured.jpg (24397 bytes) zz_yehat_ship.JPG (24998 bytes)
Nearly completed Yehat model, with no texture maps Untextured Yehat ship mesh Yehat Terminator drawing Divx avi of Yehat running
Yehatbridgetest1a.jpg (39689 bytes) Yehatbridgetest1b.jpg (31673 bytes) Yehatbridgetest1c.jpg (27618 bytes) YehatbridgeWireframe.gif (68262 bytes) YehatbridgeWireframe1a.gif (121972 bytes)
Yehat bridge higher angle view Yehat bridge front view Yehat bridge Over the shoulder view Wireframe view of Yehat Bridge top view wireframe of Yehat Bridge


   Older stuff

yehat_sketch1b.jpg (23003 bytes) yehatbridge1a.jpg (13533 bytes) Yehat_head_test.jpg (22435 bytes) Yehat_test06.jpg (69573 bytes)

Yehat_test07.jpg (75652 bytes)
ZZ_Yehat1e01.jpg (17971 bytes)

ZZ_Yehat1e02.jpg (18505 bytes)
Yehat at console sketch   Yehat bridge sketch early texture test more views as texturing continues ""
Yehat_test05.jpg (53084 bytes) Yehat_test08.jpg (37792 bytes) yehat_preview1a.jpg (136311 bytes)
"" This is close to the final version recent version
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